In the Eyes of my Toddler.

In the eyes of my toddler, waking up means a fresh start and a new day. I, on the other hand, can’t believe it’s morning. Already.

In the eyes of my toddler, showering is a horrific experience of relentlessly being pelted with water and no chance of escape until “clean.” For me, showering is just the precursor to a hot cup of coffee.

In the eyes of my toddler, it’s perfectly acceptable to throw a tantrum on the way to, at, and being dragged away from, a super fun activity that Mommy and Daddy planned. I, meanwhile, have a hard time remembering why I thought any of this would be super fun. 

In the eyes of my toddler, nap time and bedtime are what nightmares are made of, and should be avoided at all costs. I, on the other hand, desperately wish I could take a nap during the day and I look forward to bedtime (both hers and mine) daily.

In the eyes of my toddler, taking a bath is a great time to lounge in the tub, splashing and playing with toys in the bubbles. I, typically, slip on the wet bathroom floor during the wrestling match that inevitably ends before she is really any cleaner than when this started. 

In the eyes of my toddler, eating isn’t as important as playing or watching a movie. I, on the other hand, spend every minute of my day thinking about the next time I can eat. I even think about my next meal while I’m shoveling food into my face. I’m thinking about food now.

In the eyes of my toddler, seeing a cow for the hundredth time is just as exciting as the first time. I now find myself looking for that cow or a horse in a field, a new insect or plant to show her, getting as excited as she does, even though I’ve seen it a hundred times. 

In the eyes of my toddler, Mommy and Daddy are her constants. We help her up when she falls, we teach her, take care of her, give her milk in a very specific sippy cup in the middle of the night, and love her unconditionally. I’m not sure what I did before her. How did I waste all that free time? How many naps did I take for granted? How many times did I overlook that farm I drive by every day?

The world is a whole lot brighter and a whole lot more fun now, through my toddler’s eyes.

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