Marriage is...

Marriage is having someone to make a pot of coffee for you. But then having to share it.

Marriage is never knowing what's for dinner. Literally every night.

Marriage is having a default excuse to get out of a commitment because your spouse is sick/working/made other plans without your knowledge. Kids are great for this too.

Marriage is not knowing when you shaved your legs last. Or caring. Or being worried that someone else cares.

Marriage is wearing sweatpants that sit above your belly button, not taking a shower, and still getting a pat on the butt as you cross paths in the kitchen.

Marriage is recapping your day, sitting on the toilet while your S.O. sits on the edge of the tub. The bathroom is where we have some of our best conversations.

Marriage is intending to have sex, and then both falling asleep on the couch by 9pm. This could also be a side effect of having a toddler.

Marriage is an ebb and flow.

Marriage is giving and receiving. Sometimes it may feel one-sided. In either direction.

Marriage is being a partner and having a partner.

Marriage is love, anger, frustration, happiness, stress, joy, and laughter. It's emotional. Easy one day and hard the next. But it's all worth it.

Marriage is sharing your life with your best friend.

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