My Favorite Time of Year.

It’s 8pm and my entire family is asleep. Husband on the couch next to me. Toddler snoring quietly on my chest. Dog curled up on the chair beside the fire.

Fall has always been my favorite time of year and it’s because of nights like this. A hearty dinner, family and friends, a fire in the fireplace, and football on television. A home full of warmth and love and laughter.

We always have great gatherings this time of year. Amazing friends and awesome spreads worthy of a magazine cover. Plates, cups, and hearts overflowing. 

As I lay here, scrolling through Instagram and thinking about the menu for Thanksgiving dinner, I feel warmth spreading over me. The house is cozy from the fire and from the oven providing dinner and dessert tonight. Odd, I feel a lot of warmth. On my leg. And it’s wet. Ellie’s sweaty, right? It’s just sweat...

Nope. It’s pee. 

#motherhood #fall

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