My year in review.

2019 has been a year.

A year of growth.

A year of pain.

A year of new adventures.

A year of laughter.

A year of anxiety.

This past year Andrew started writing more music and went snowboarding in Nevada and California for the first time ever. Ellie played her harmonica at restaurants, made new friends, rode her snowboard more than ever before, joined a wrestling team, joined a hockey team, and discovered her love of bass fishing. As I write this, I have a hard time recalling things I did this year, achievements I made or plans I followed through on. What I do know is that I've struggled a lot this year. I've struggled with motherhood, anxiety, work, purpose - but I'm feeling solid now, as the year comes to a close. Solid in my relationships with Andrew and Ellie, solid in what I want to do, who I want to become, where I want to go.

I've learned a lot, and still have a lot to learn. I'm excited for 2020 and the opportunities I see on the horizon. I think it's important to look at every day as an opportunity, something I don't do enough. So I guess that's my intention for the new year: see each day as an opportunity. An opportunity to laugh, learn, make healthy choices, make not so healthy choices, take time for self-care, be kind, not work, do a puzzle, or smile.

Goodbye 2019, and hello 2020.

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