The Magic of Parenting.

As a parent of a toddler, hearing birds chirp in spring makes you stop in your tracks. You find puddles rather than avoiding them. And you throw a birthday party for your daughter’s “children,” complete with candles, singing, and pie.

“Jason,” the stuffed dinosaur, is turning 5 years old, and “Piggy," a wooden elephant, has the same birthday, but with an undetermined age. Ellie spends the evening making gifts and getting her “children” ready for dinner and dessert. Once we have all eaten, including separate plates and utensils for the “boys,” we bring out the pie, light the candles and turn down the lights. Watching her eyes sparkle as we sing “Happy Birthday” makes it all worth it. We really are celebrating. I feel it. It’s pure magic. She makes a wish and helps her “kids” blow out the candles. We have a family dance party to 60's classic country music and then head off to bed, full of laughter and happiness.

As a parent of a toddler, each day is an adventure. Sometimes that adventure is throwing a birthday party for a family of toys. And sometimes it’s finding out that the aforementioned toddler pooped on the playground at daycare today.

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