The River.

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

During the summer, I enjoy heading just down the road from our house and taking a short walk to a stretch of the West River. A dirt road leads to a private little swimming hole, where the water can be as warm as an evening bath.

I try to make it a weeknight tradition, spending an hour or so with Ellie checking out the plants, insects, water, and rocks. We have played here on weekends too, grabbing friends and sharing our "special spot."

But, summer has been flying by. Weddings, carnivals, parties, family, work - it feels as though we haven't had time to breathe over the last two months. Though they may have been busy, these months have been full of love, laughter, tears (good ones!), fun, and adventures. Nonetheless, it was nice to have a slow night again. We listened to the water rushing over the rocks, felt the slimy stones under our feet, and tried to run from Emma shaking off as she ran in and out of the river, over and over. After some time, we piled into the truck ready to head home, make dinner, and cuddle on the couch.

It was nice to take a moment tonight and just be. To play in the water and to run in the field. I think we all needed it. Recently, in the midst of our crazy summer, a family friend asked Ellie what she does to relax. She thought a moment, smiled and said "I go to the river."

Me too.

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